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NFE draft: DONE. Commence the tweaking.

I am now at that awkward, anxious, all-over-but-the-panicking stage where I vacillate between pride and angst over how it turned out. In this case, I think deadlines are my friend - if I don't have time to do any drastic rewrites, then I can't do too much damage. Right? Right. 

On the other hand... I sound like a Fiddler on the Roof song. There is no other hand. I am putting down the pencil and stepping away from the keyboard. I swear.

Only... I had sternly told myself not to play around in Madness until the main fic was finished. Now that I'm so close, all the little plot bunnies want to come out to play. If I don't indulge them, they'll eat my poor excuse for a garden.

That's a good enough reason. Right? Right.
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First, a huge thank you! This is my first time participating in the NFE, so I hope I've given you both enough info and enough freedom to work with. Please know that I will be thrilled to read your story, and I'm excited to see what direction you've taken on whichever prompt strikes your fancy!

Particularly because I'm new to this exhange, I wanted to tell you a little more than what the form provides, in case it's helpful.

What I like:
- Celebrations of the world and its wonders, whether Narnia or England or elsewhere. (I'm not a subscriber to the cast-out-of-Eden interpretation. That said, I also know it's heart-wrenching to leave a place you call home knowing you may never see it again.) The differences between places, the little things that set someplace apart or bind people together even across languages and cultures... Whether you want to delve into worldbuilding or just give me a glimpse, I'll love it.
- Competent, multi-dimensional main characters and compassionate storytelling (e.g. misunderstandings or other genuine conflicts rather than character bashing.)
- Witty banter
- Animals that behave like animals, not humans in furry suits (no matter how much I love the old BBC series, Beavers just shouldn't be over 5ft tall)
- Friendship, family, romance, humor, adventure, intrigue, espionage, mystery... so many genres! I also like explorations of grief and healing, though in general I can only take so much angst. I prefer happy endings, but sometimes a sad one can be just as satisfying.
- I adore Rthverse, if you feel so inclined! Also Kangarooverse, AU Everybody Lives/Nobody Dies and AU Everybody Stays/Nobody Leaves.

What I don't like:
- Gore, torture, noncon, PWP, slash, incest. (Pevensie incest is my only true dealbreaker, but the others are strong preferences.)
- Completely helpless, clueless, cruel or dark characterization of the Four or of Aslan
- Unmitigated tragedy or excessive angst. I've been through a fair amount of loss over the past couple years, and so if your story is sad, I'd just like to request at least a ray of sunshine amid the clouds!

Again, this is truly meant for your information, and I hope you find it helpful. Please go where the story takes you, and I can't wait to read the results!!
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I should keep a collar on that darned thing.

So, a while back I posted about a crossover Narnia/Thin Man/Jeeves & Wooster crackfic that is morphing into an actual mystery of sorts. I jumped the gun and posted the first chapter of "A Good Stiff Drink." This is a WIP, but so far the plot is thin enough that I hope people will enjoy it anyway. Er, right?

I've clearly been spending too much time in Bertie Wooster's head.

Ch. 1 More of gravy than the grave:

"Nonsense," said Bertie cheerfully. "Nick and Nora are here, so some body or other is bound to turn up eventually, what? Shuffled off the mortal, and all that."

There was a pause as everyone digested this (except for Digory, who did not much feel like digesting anything). Then Nora chimed in brightly, "Oh, you mean a stiff!"
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 I am finally getting more 3SF fills posted to AO3 - and with Rth's help, I started a collection for Kangarooverse! Please feel free to add your own or drop me a line!

In other news, I posted the last remaining bit of Last Test and Proof: outtakes from the interviews for a new cook. After writing so much about grief and loss, I needed to wrap it up with something light and funny... I'm not entirely satisfied with the Camel bit, but I hope it works all right - as a transition between chapters if nothing else.

I've posted another couple humor stories in other fandoms - I seem to be vacillating between heavy stuff and fluff! I am still working on the Thin Man/Narnia/Jeeves crack crossover, and it's taking on a life of it's own. Egad, a plot! I'm still working though the mystery, but I'm absurdly proud of some of the dialogue, and I can't wait to start posting it.

That's all for today, but I look forward to collecting more Kangaroo stories - and who knows, maybe expanding upon them!
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I have been working on this story for some time - and it is finally done. (Well, I do have a little more to add, but it will be more in the line of outtakes than a post-epilogue.) The Last Test and Proof, a story of Guards, grief and gastronomy, is now up on AO3! With many, many thanks to Rthstewart for letting her characters come over to play, for reading and giving so much valuable feedback and encouragement.

A little background: my family has suffered several heavy losses over the past year, and so I have been struggling my own way through grief. I don't really put much stock in the 5 stages, except as one more example of how people like to quantify and name things in order to better understand them. But it was a useful conceit for the story. And now, if I find myself stuck in one particular rut on a hard day, I think instead of these characters who are so dear to me. And if I need to channel my inner Jalur to get through the day - well, that's a little more tangible than abstract stages.

On a lighter note, if I can figure out how to post pictures to this thing, I will upload a drawing of Rth's Cook, because who doesn't love a Minotaur in a frilly apron?


Apr. 14th, 2015 06:57 pm
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Confound and confusticate those squirrels! (To quote Bilbo Baggins... well, sort of). The squirrels are eating our deck railing, and I don't know what to do about it. And my coworker had mice, er, all up in his grill - literally. But this rather puts it in perspective:
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Last night on the History Channel's Mysteries at the Museum, I learned about Lawrence Sperry, daredevil pilot, inventor of the autopilot and founding member of the Mile High Club. It seems Sperry took a lovely young socialite up for a flying lesson, something went wrong, and they crashed in a lake. Some very startled duck hunters came to the rescue, and were even more startled upon finding the pair naked. Sperry's official story was that the force of the crash had innocently knocked all their clothes off (Cue: Mythbusters), though he later confessed to a friend that he and his lovely (and very married) student had engaged the autopilot beforr engaging in, ah, other activities. The gyroscope functioned perfectly until, somehow or other, it was bumped and disengaged, the plane spiraled down into the water and two duck hunters got quite a show. In public, Sperry naturally remained silent. After all, he had two reputations to protect: the young lady's, and his gyroscope's - he wouldn't want anyone to think it had failed to work properly, of course.

Am I the only one who thinks it sounds like a Howard Stark escapade?
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So, I've recently embarked on a most foolhardy project. I made the mistake of reading a bit of P.G. Wodehouse, followed by watching the Thin Man, followed by musing upon Narnia... and my pen ran amok.

I never used to read crossovers much, and never considered writing one - let alone such lunacy as that which is currently taking over my notebook. The chronology is a little off, and the conflicting writing styles are tying me in knots and probably wind up sounding just plain off, but I can't quite help myself. I have this vision of Polly collecting strays for a dinner party and Digory escaping to the garden for a bit of calm and a few deep breaths, only to stumble upon a body in the rhododendrons.

What in the world am I thinking?
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Well, the best of intentions gave way (as so often happens) to the frenzied pace of RL. I had such a blast with rthstewart's 3SF that I joined DW and AO3 and began planning all sorts of fics, short and long, to fill my new alphabet soup sites. In the end, here I am still compiling 3SF fills and wondering about the logistics and etiquette of posting pieces belonging to a greater whole, like the chain of Narnia Kangarooverse stories. Any suggestions? Has anyone begun such an undertaking already?

In the meantime, I made my first AO3 upload: a slightly expanded version of a story I wrote for vialethe during 3SF (though at no point was it anywhere near three sentences).

The Last True Mouthpiece can be found here.

And as Monday looms with the promise of more snow, I hope to pick up the pace a little... Now if only spring would get on board!


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