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Writing like a hyperactive puppy

 I am finally getting more 3SF fills posted to AO3 - and with Rth's help, I started a collection for Kangarooverse! Please feel free to add your own or drop me a line!

In other news, I posted the last remaining bit of Last Test and Proof: outtakes from the interviews for a new cook. After writing so much about grief and loss, I needed to wrap it up with something light and funny... I'm not entirely satisfied with the Camel bit, but I hope it works all right - as a transition between chapters if nothing else.

I've posted another couple humor stories in other fandoms - I seem to be vacillating between heavy stuff and fluff! I am still working on the Thin Man/Narnia/Jeeves crack crossover, and it's taking on a life of it's own. Egad, a plot! I'm still working though the mystery, but I'm absurdly proud of some of the dialogue, and I can't wait to start posting it.

That's all for today, but I look forward to collecting more Kangaroo stories - and who knows, maybe expanding upon them!
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Well, I am enjoying the results!

As it happens, I just yesterday started trying to expand a 3-sentence fic I wrote for one of your prompts!