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Syrena lost her mind. Again.

I should keep a collar on that darned thing.

So, a while back I posted about a crossover Narnia/Thin Man/Jeeves & Wooster crackfic that is morphing into an actual mystery of sorts. I jumped the gun and posted the first chapter of "A Good Stiff Drink." This is a WIP, but so far the plot is thin enough that I hope people will enjoy it anyway. Er, right?

I've clearly been spending too much time in Bertie Wooster's head.

Ch. 1 More of gravy than the grave:

"Nonsense," said Bertie cheerfully. "Nick and Nora are here, so some body or other is bound to turn up eventually, what? Shuffled off the mortal, and all that."

There was a pause as everyone digested this (except for Digory, who did not much feel like digesting anything). Then Nora chimed in brightly, "Oh, you mean a stiff!"