Apr. 18th, 2015

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I have been working on this story for some time - and it is finally done. (Well, I do have a little more to add, but it will be more in the line of outtakes than a post-epilogue.) The Last Test and Proof, a story of Guards, grief and gastronomy, is now up on AO3! With many, many thanks to Rthstewart for letting her characters come over to play, for reading and giving so much valuable feedback and encouragement.

A little background: my family has suffered several heavy losses over the past year, and so I have been struggling my own way through grief. I don't really put much stock in the 5 stages, except as one more example of how people like to quantify and name things in order to better understand them. But it was a useful conceit for the story. And now, if I find myself stuck in one particular rut on a hard day, I think instead of these characters who are so dear to me. And if I need to channel my inner Jalur to get through the day - well, that's a little more tangible than abstract stages.

On a lighter note, if I can figure out how to post pictures to this thing, I will upload a drawing of Rth's Cook, because who doesn't love a Minotaur in a frilly apron?


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