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Progress report: NFE

I have started my assignment, and (gasp) I have somewhat planned the plot. This is a great departure frommy normal procedure, which involved scribbling "maybe X happens? Before or after Y? Or not?" in the margins of a dozen different notebook pages, interspersed with doodles of horses and pine trees.

Non-spoilery spoilers:
- From what I know so far, I think this fic will be shorter than last year's (which was around 18k, so I feel fairly safe in that assertion!)
- I might include a cameo of a character from one of my unpublished WIPs. Not sure yet...
- Serendipity strikes again: immediately upon reading my assigned prompt(s), I knew the basic outline of what I wanted to do. Now it's just a question of getting there...
- Part of that flash of inspiration was a title that I am very attached to, but which no longer fits the tone of the story. I should ditch it, but... I'm torn.

Things I have learned:
- Writing things in order from start to finish is not my strong suit. I keep jumping around -- a line here, a page there, a bit of the middle, a bit of beginning, multiple endings... It's like reading a Choose Your Own Adventure book without following the directions.
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I will be looking forward to reading your fic when the reveals are made!

Sometimes, the best way to write is jumping around. I have that as an outline for a long-overdue WIP and I usually find it helpful in motivating me to write and fill in the plot/chapters between that point and wherever I'm currently at when writing in sequential order.