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syrena_of_the_lake ([personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake) wrote2015-08-16 09:41 pm

Scribbling like mad

NFE draft: DONE. Commence the tweaking.

I am now at that awkward, anxious, all-over-but-the-panicking stage where I vacillate between pride and angst over how it turned out. In this case, I think deadlines are my friend - if I don't have time to do any drastic rewrites, then I can't do too much damage. Right? Right. 

On the other hand... I sound like a Fiddler on the Roof song. There is no other hand. I am putting down the pencil and stepping away from the keyboard. I swear.

Only... I had sternly told myself not to play around in Madness until the main fic was finished. Now that I'm so close, all the little plot bunnies want to come out to play. If I don't indulge them, they'll eat my poor excuse for a garden.

That's a good enough reason. Right? Right.