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I am shamefully behind on reviewing all the wonderful stories from this year's Narnia Fic Exchange. I've been out of town and away from the computer a lot, and have barely made a dent. Which means I have lots of fabulous reading material built up!

I wrote 2 stories this year:

Much Ado about Mutiny (14866 words) for nasimwrites

Summary: In which Lucy and Susan go sailing and negotiations go south. "Lucy," said Susan, valiantly striving to keep her face stern, "I don't think anyone will believe we are men no matter how loose the breeches are. We have breasts." With irrepressible cheer, Lucy strapped on her sword and adjusted her hat to a rakish angle."Bind them!" she said cheerfully. "I've already done mine. Not that I've much to bind, of course. But as you always say, it's best to be thorough."

Oddly enough, I'd had the idea for this story lurking in mind for a while. When I saw that nasimwrites ships Susan/Jack Sparrow, I knew I had to do it. And it was so much fun! I am indebted to Transposable_Element for a wonderfully thorough and helpful beta job, without which I would still be confused about who was on which ship.

I now want to write more in this odd little corner of the universe. Especially about the seagulls!


In Word and Deed (5510 words) for edenfalling

Summary: In a world lit by a blood-red sun, where two sisters battle for the throne and where a single word has the power to destroy life itself, the only thing worse than a summons from the Queen is a conflicting summons from the other Queen. It was no wonder that Nethyr had ill dreams.

I wanted to write a Madness story for Liz in much-belated thanks for her herculean beta-read of my mammoth NFE fic last year. I've never thought much about Charn backstory before, but Liz prompted something about the Deplorable Word and drew me in! I've always been fascinated by the idea of words imbued with power, and it seems that something is different about magic in Charn compared with Narnia, Earth or anywhere else... and things sort of took off from there.


En fin, I had a lot of fun again this year, and will continue to dive into and enjoy the rest of the Exchange! And if you haven't read the story I received yet, please go and do so!

revisionist history by underscored
This is a beautiful and exciting and immensely fulfilling re-imagining of The Last Battle, and I love it so much.


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